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Crédit du Nord offers a day-to-day banking service in English for international clients in France, and for expatriates abroad who plan to return to France in the long-term.

As a client of our bank, you will have all the advantages of a close-knit regional bank, which is part of a nationwide banking group. We are renowned and appreciated for our professionalism.

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Crédit du Nord Group consists of eight banks - Courtois, Kolb, Laydernier, Nuger, Rhône-Alpes, Tarneaud,
Société Marseillaise de Crédit and Crédit du Nord - and a stock broker, Gilbert Dupont.

  • Simply make an appointment with a client advisor in the branch which is the most convenient
    for you (use the map above), we can manage your account regardless of your residential status
  • Please bring the following documents with you to open an account:
  • Formal identification (national identity card, passport or residence permit),
  • proof of address (rent receipt, telephone, gas or electricity bill),
  • proof of income (employment contract or wage slip).
  • To benefit from non-resident status, you will need to provide us with proof of foreign domicile for tax purposes, i.e.:
  • A certificate of residence,
  • a copy of your latest foreign income tax statement,
  • a certificate of residence issued by an authority other than the tax administration (municipality, consulate).
  • Formalities:
To obtain information about settling up in France, you can consult the centre of admission and integration website at

  • Your account
Depending on your residential status, your personal advisor will help you to choose the most appropriate type
of account in order to maximise your legal and tax benefits.
Your account can be in euros, or in any other currency of your choice.

Crédit du Nord Group offers you a range of international means of payment such as:
  • Visa or Visa PREMIER bank cards,
  • free chequebooks,
  • direct debit orders etc...

  • Online banking
We provide Internet banking services to make your life easier.
Use our secure website to manage your accounts in total security 24/7 wherever you are.

  • The advantages of the Norplus package
As a client of Banque Courtois, you can save money by subscribing to our Norplus Visa or Norplus
PREMIER Package. This gives you access to special rates and reductions for your leisure activities and other services.

The Norplus package offers the following advantages:
  • Essential: A set of products and services indispensable to the day-to-day management of your account,
  • Useful: 20% discount on services,
  • Extra: Preferential rates for your leisure activities.
Included in the Norplus agreement : Visa or Visa PREMIER bank cards and Sécurité Bleue.
Sécurité Bleue provides insurance for your means of payment.
  • In the event of fraudulent use of your chequebook or bank card, following loss or theft,
  • or in the event of loss of theft of your keys and papers:

  • please call 02 38 70 38 61 (local call rate, accessible 24 hours/day).

  • Financing
Your account adviser will help you at every stage of financing your project.

We can propose a broad range of financing solutions:
  • Personal and revolving loans,
  • long-term, fixed rate, housing loans with flexible monthly payments to allow for any changes in your financial situation,
  • floating rate housing loans with a capped rate defined at the beginning of the contract.

  • Housing loan
Your may wish to acquire a property, whether as a main residence, buy-to-let or holiday home. Your account officer will examine terms with you. Before setting up your loan application, your account advisor will go through your project with you and advise the type of loan which is best for you.

You will need to consider:
  • Term: maximum of 25 years,
  • Type of interest rate: floating or fixed.
Fixed: the rate is the same during the entire term of the loan
Floating/capped: the rate may vary according to market fluctuations but may not exceed a maximum level.

  • Your financial investments
We offer a range of investments which we can recommend depending on how long you wish to invest for and on the degree of risk you are willing to accept.
  • You will benefit from personalised proposals from your investment advisor,
  • in cooperation with Boursorama, Banque Courtois offers instant access to the latest stock exchange information.